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Company registration

Form a company in Europe

There are many benefits of company registration in the European Union, as the large single community market provides a stable opportunity for businesses to develop, and investor is free to travel, do business, or work in any member state within the EU. Register company in one of the EU jurisdictions.

Company registration

Starting a business in Europe with professional assistance. Get full legal support for the business, including accounting solutions and opening a corporate bank account. As well as business supervision and report submission. Find out about all the tax benefits of the chosen jurisdiction.

Top EU jurisdictions for company registration

The main benefit of registering a company in Europe is the opportunity to expand the business in the European international market. Moreover, the member states of the European Union have the right to free movement between states. The policy of the EU states is aimed at creating optimal conditions for foreign entrepreneurs, such as tax optimization and government financial support. Find out the EU jurisdiction and start a business with our professional support.


Bulgaria is a great choice for opening a business due to the geographical positioning, bordering the Black Sea to the east and with one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union – 10 %.


Due to the convenient location, Luxembourg is a favorable country for doing business. The high investment climate, lack of exchange controls, and a simplified procedure for registering companies are the main advantages of the jurisdiction.


Latvia is a great place for company registration due to advantageous geographical location, high level of political stability, membership in the EU and favorable conditions for entrepreneurs.


Company registration in France is a very simple and straightforward process, although local advice is essential in order to ensure compliance with legal and financial regulations.


Italy’s good geographical position gives businessmen easy access to southern, central and northern European markets as well as to the ports of the Mediterranean. Many investors that start a business in Italy are involved in trading or import and export activities.


Estonia’s corporate income tax (CIT) system differs from traditional systems. Profits earned by a company in Estonia are not immediately subject to CIT. 


Opening a company in Spain is a profitable business solution. The credit loans for business development starting from 2.5%. The high living standards and country location make Spain extremely attractive for doing business there. 


In Poland, there is a huge increase in foreign investment, fuelling the sustained economic growth of more than 5% a year and a GDP per capita of $20,100. Country is located in Central Europe which makes company registration more attractive.