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Company registration in Luxembourg

Set Up a company in Luxembourg with an expert team. The firm provides full business support at all stages of company registration. In addition, we provide legal services such as accounting and reporting solutions, and opening a bank account in Luxembourg. Contact us to make the first step to extend the EU market. 

Legal forms in Luxembourg

Choose the legal form of the company that suits your needs. There are three popular legal types of companies in Luxembourg. Public Limited Liability Company – Societe Anonyme (SA), Private Limited Company – Societee a Responsabilite Limitee (SARL), Simplified Limited Liability Company (SARL-S)​.

Private Limited Liability Company (SARL)

The most popular form of registration in Luxembourg.

Public Limited Company (SA)

A quite common form of registration in Luxembourg.

Simplified Limited Liability Company (SARL-S)​

This type of legal entity gives businessman the opportunity to open a company from 1 Euro
The authorized capital of SARL-S can range from 1 to 12,000 euros.
SARL-S is available to individuals only. For the establishment of SARL-S, the following requirements must be met:


The aggregate size of Luxembourg investment funds is second only to US funds. This is due to the ease with which the Luxembourg Government adapts its legislation to the requirements of the times. For example, legislation on licensing cryptocurrency exchanges was first developed and adopted here.

In addition, Luxembourg prioritizes the development of high-tech businesses. For this, Luxembourg has tax incentives for investment activities.

TAX IN Luxembourg

The main tax rate for legal entities is 21% of the amount of private equity raised by the company for the reporting period. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in addition to the main income tax, business entities in Luxembourg also pay a municipal tax, which in each region is established at the discretion of local authorities. The municipal tax rate for corporations in Luxembourg ranges from 5 to 9 percent of the main income tax. Unlike many other Western countries, Luxembourg’s tax legislation does not provide for the payment of a special capital gains tax.


Our service includes advice on accounting and taxation issues in Luxembourg (for example, taxation of a certain transaction, preparation of accounting documents). Full accounting (posting and registration of primary documents, drawing up and filing tax reports, calculating salaries and taxes, as well as other services). Moreover, representing your interests in relations with the State Revenue Service.

Restoration of accounting for previous periods and preparation of the necessary reports (including the annual report).