Register Company EU

Register company in republic of Latvia

Register a company in Europe with the assistance of a professional attorney. We provide full legal support at all stages of company formation for the successful development of the business in Latvia. Contact us to make the first step to extend the EU market.

Legal forms in Latvia

First, choose the most suitable form of registration for your business. There are three popular legal types of companies in Latvia. Limited Liability Company (SIA), Joint Stock Company (AS), and (SIA) with no minimum capital.

Limited Liability Company (SIA)

SIA is the most common form of the legal establishment in Latvia. A Limited Liability Company (SIA) is a legal person, and its shares are not publicly traded.

Stock Company (AS)

A stock company (AS) is a company whose shares may be the subject of public circulation. AS is a legal person.

Limited liability company (SIA) with no minimum capital

A Limited Liability Company (SIA) is a legal person and its shares are not publicly traded.


Registering a company in Latvia is a smart business decision. Latvia provides opportunities for business development and the chance to obtain a European residency. It gives access to the whole European market and free sale of products within the European Union. Products marked “Made in Europe” are highly valued all over the world, despite any vicissitudes of the economy.

Transportation of goods in the Eurozone is possible by all types of transport. Besides, Latvia is a convenient transshipment point connecting Western Europe with the CIS countries.


The income tax for foreign companies in Latvia is 15%, and the tax on dividends is 10%. However, Latvian banks will ensure the safety of your profits and the growth of investments. And one more point worth paying attention to: the value-added tax (VAT) in Latvia is 21%. Remember, when making transactions within the European Union, VAT will be equal to 0%. In addition, a 0% VAT rate applies to a range of services provided by Latvian companies to EU companies and persons from third countries.

Accountancy in Latvia

Our service includes advice on accounting and taxation issues in Latvia (for example, taxation of a certain transaction, preparation of accounting documents). Full accounting (posting and registration of primary documents, drawing up and filing tax reports, calculating salaries and taxes, as well as other services).

Representing your interests in relations with the State Revenue Service.