Company registration in Poland

Open a company in Poland with our professional assistance. The firm provides full business support at all stages of company registration. Moreover, we provide legal services such as accounting and reporting solutions, opening a bank account in Poland. Contact us to make the first step to extend the European market. 

Legal forms in Poland

Choose the legal form of the company that suits your needs. There are three popular legal types of companies in Poland. Public Limited Liability Company – Spółka z o.o, Joint Stock Company (Spółka akcyjna), and Holding company.

Limited Liability Company (Spółka z o.o)

The most popular form of registration in Poland.

Joint Stock Company (Spółka akcyjna)

Another common form of registration in Poland.

Holding company

Before registering a holding company in Poland, shareholders must establish exact business objectives; operational aspects; logistic details. 

The main benefit of opening a holding company in Poland is an exemption from paying income taxes. Moreover, interest and royalties paid by Polish corporate residents to associates of the European Union are exempt from withholding taxes. The Polish income tax – 19%.


Poland’s economy is the most stable against the background of other EU countries. Poland has a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of bilateral trade, GDP growth, and a stable economy. To simplify the process of starting a business as much as possible, Polish law provides opportunities for creating companies not only in a short time but also without the obligatory stay of the founders on the territory of Poland. One of the key advantages of doing business in the EU is, without a doubt, the ability to access inexpensive European loans. Poland in this context is no exception.

TAX IN Poland

Business taxes in Poland are relatively low, especially when compared directly with similar taxes in other EU countries. The government’s tax policy is quite progressive. For example, the income tax rate in Poland is standard (typical) – 19%. For small companies and new businesses during the first year of operation, a preferential rate of 9% is provided. The withholding tax rate is 20%. Note that the main types of income subject to taxation are interest, copyright / related rights, inventive designs, trademarks.


Our service includes advice on accounting and taxation issues in Poland: taxation of a certain transaction, preparation of accounting documents). Full accounting posting and registration of primary documents, drawing up and filing tax reports, calculating salaries and taxes, as well as other services. Representing your interests in relations with the State Revenue Service.


Restoration of accounting for previous periods and preparation of the necessary reports. including the annual report.